MRCPv2 Configuration Options

Configure MRCPv2 settings

This section is OPTIONAL

The header for this section is [mrcp]

Table 1. mrcp
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
bind_address no string any The IP address that the MRCPv2 TCP communication link binds to.
presentation_address no string auto The IP address to present as the local address (used by MRCP related connection information fields in SDP). Overrides default_presentation_address in [general]
session_initiation_timeout no integer 10 Time to wait (in seconds) for the MRCPv2 SIP session to initialise before giving up.

Min: 1
renegotiate_media_to_close_resources no boolean false This parameter was introduced in version 7.9.0

Determines whether BVR will send a re-INVITE message to the MRCPv2 server to de-allocate the speechsynth or speechrecog resource (see RFC6787, section 4.2).

This is disabled by default as most MRCPv2 vendors do not implement or require this
default_proxy_group no string mrcpv2_proxy_group This parameter was introduced in version 7.9.1

The SIP proxy group to use for MRCPv2 sessions. Each proxy defined in [[sip.proxy]] is associated with at least one proxy group.