CDR Configuration Options

Specifies call detail record (CDR) parameters. These parameters affect how BVR outputs call detail records (CDRs).

This section is OPTIONAL

The header for this section is [cdr]

Table 1. cdr
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
mode no string OFF Mechanism used to output CDRs.

Note: For more information on CDR output modes see "Call Detail Records (CDR)" in the BVR documentation.

Valid options are: OFF, FILE, KAFKA
kafka_properties_file no string /location/of/file/ Properties file defining Kafka configuration properties used to connect to Kafka broker. This is the absolute file path for the properties file, for example:

kafka_properties_file = "/location/of/file/"

Note: For more information on configuring Kafka producer properties see "Configuring Apache Kafka producer properties" in the BVR documentation

"The default kafka properties file as specified in the general section" will be used if not specified here