Parameters for TTS_POLLY Call Feature

These are the parameters that are required for TTS using Amazon Polly

Table 1. Parameters for TTS_POLLY Call Feature
Name Description
Name Name of the call feature
access_key The access key for a user on the AWS account that has permissions to use Polly
secret_key The secret key for a user on the AWS account that has permissions to use Polly
region The region that the user with Polly permissions belongs to (e.g. eu-west-1)
locale The locale that this Call Feature will be used for. This is used to determine which TTS resource is used when a voice application attempts to do TTS. For further details on how locale works for call features, please refer to BAM Command Line Utility Call Features Panel.
voice_id The name of the voice to use. Please refer to the AWS Polly documentation for a list of available voices.
Description Description of the call feature

Limitations when using Amazon Polly

At the time of writing, Amazon Polly supports 80 transactions per second per account. It is possible that this will be exceeded. If that happens, AWS will reject BVR's request to synthesise speech, which will appear in the error logs as "Rate Exceeded" and an error code of "ThrottlingException".

As an example:

2019/04/23 12:50:09.089 VC091431EA000008BE AMZ_TTS_PO [pool-2235-thread-3 - 7362] [T003595] WARNING Amazon Polly request failed: Rate exceeded (Service: AmazonPolly; Status Code: 400; Error Code: ThrottlingException; Request ID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Note that exceeding the limit will result in the TTS session terminating.