Parameters for ASR_MRCPv2 Call Feature

This is the call features panel of the BAM Command Line Utility. It routes to multiple call feature related panels as described below.

The parameters associated with the Call Features options are :

Table 1. BAM Call Features parameters
Name Description
Name Name of the call feature
url The url of the MRCP V2 resource, typically a URL with this format,
locale The locale that this Call Feature will be used for. This is used to determine which TTS resource is used when a voice application attempts to do TTS. For further details on how locale works for call features, please refer to BAM Command Line Utility Call Features Panel.
dtmf_recognition Associated with ASR type call features. Boolean, specified as true or false. Used to determine the processing of DTMFs. If false, handled internally by BVR. If true, externally by the call feature
Description Description of the call feature