Integration with VoiceXML

Hints for use with VoiceXML


By default, if a VoiceXML document is stated using a dialogstart, BVR will send an HTTP HEAD request to ensure that the resource exists. This allows BVR to determine early on whether or not the dialog start will be successful.

In some situations this behaviour may not be desirable, for example when using dynamically generated VoiceXML, or if the server hosting the VoiceXML does not handle this request properly.

Setting this hint to true prevents the sending of the HTTP HEAD request which is used to determine if a VXML document exists before fetching it.


<var name="hints" expr="new Object()"/>
<assign name="hints.skip_http_head" expr="'true'"/>
<dialogstart src="'http://my.web.server/start.vxml'" type="'application/xml+vxml'" connectionid="evt.connectionid" hints="hints"/>