SIP Register Failed To Parse .ini Files

The SIP Register process failed to parse the .ini files located in the $SYS_DIR/voip/ directory. See below for the line # and file being read. Error codes are as follows:

  1. Registrar line needs an IP address or hostname.
  2. IniFile line must supply a file to read.
  3. Too many .ini files in one registrar definition.
  4. Port line must be supplied a number.
  5. Timeout line must be supplied a number.
  6. UserAgent line must be supplied a string.
  7. Semicolon encountered not terminating a registrar.
  8. Error loading from a .ini file defined in registrar, see trace for details.
  9. Unrecognized format of line.
  10. Registrar declared without closing open registrar. Most likely missing terminating line of a semi-colon.
  11. Last registrar in file not terminated.
  12. TraceLevel needs a value.
  13. Priority line must be supplied a number.

Fix the configuration files as directed by the error code. The master.ini file is in $SYS_DIR/voip/ directory.




Log, System Monitor