Exceptions reported when a Blueworx Voice Response Java/VoiceXML application is started from VRNode

In some circumstances, ClassNotFound exceptions are reported from some, though not all Java/VoiceXML application instances.

The problem is caused by different NodeClassPath parameters for the nodes in which the application instances are being run. While this can be caused by deliberate or accidental differences in the classpath for application nodes, a common cause is application instances being run in the VRnode, which is not configured to run them. This can happen if NodeDefAppName is coded in the VRnode and there are insufficient application instances running to meet demand.

Ensure that all nodes in which application instances are running have the correct classpath. If the trigger was NodeDefAppName, try to avoid using this parameter and configure NumToApp mappings instead. Ensure that enough application instances are configured to meet peak demand. The dtjqapps command can be used to monitor application instances. If NodeDefAppName must be used, then it is even more important to ensure that sufficient application instances are running to meeting demand. Running application instances in the VRnode is not recommended.