Blueworx Voice Response answers the phone with “technical difficulties”

When Blueworx Voice Response answers the telephone and immediately plays the “technical difficulties” message, check the following:

Have you installed an application to answer the call?
When Blueworx Voice Response is configured to go off-hook to receive called number information from the switch, and no application has been installed to answer the call, the system plays the technical difficulties message to the caller. Use the information supplied in Blueworx Voice Response does not answer the phone to check on the presence of an installed application. Check the value of the EDL Call Information Before Off Hook parameter that is in the Application Server Interface parameter group, to see whether your system is configured to go off-hook in order to receive dialed number information.
Is the voice application state table invalid?
When a state table is invalid, Blueworx Voice Response plays the technical difficulties message. A state table might be invalid only when it is in memory, or the state table that is stored on disk might also be invalid.

Use the information provided in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables to display the state table, and validate it. The validation process checks the state table stored on disk. If the copy of the state table on disk is invalid, use the information that is also provided in the information to correct it. If the invalid state table is in memory only, shut down and restart Blueworx Voice Response.