Welcome window does not display

The Blueworx Voice Response software might start initializing correctly, but when the time comes to display the Welcome window, nothing happens. You can recognize whether the initialization process has started by looking at the status window. When the system is starting, the status window displays a running list of processes as the system starts them. When all the processes are started, Blueworx Voice Response displays the Welcome window.

When the Welcome window does not display, check the following:

Is the tasklist.data file corrupted or is there more than one instance?
Blueworx Voice Response starts the processes listed in the tasklist.data file. If one or more of the entries is missing, the system might start initializing but not complete the process. The tasklist.data file is located in the directory that is identified by the value of the $SYS_DIR variable in the profile for the Blueworx Voice Response AIX account ID.

Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation contains instructions for checking the tasklist.data file.

Does the status window show the X error ‘Cannot open display’?
When you start Blueworx Voice Response from an Xstation or remote console, you must provide the system with the name of your display. If you are logging in remotely, you must also give Blueworx Voice Response permission to access (open) the display on the remote console. (Working at an Xstation that boots off a remote console is the same as working at the remote console.) There are three possibilities:
  • You did not give Blueworx Voice Response the required permission.
  • You provided the name of a nonexistent display.
  • You did not provide a display name.

To give Blueworx Voice Response the required permission, ensure you are logged on to your account on the remote console by typing pwd and pressing Enter. Check the directory name to ensure it is on the remote console. Then, type xhost + and press Enter. Restart Blueworx Voice Response.

To provide a correct display name when you are sure that you granted permission, log off AIX and log back on to restart Blueworx Voice Response. Make sure you provide the name of the display you are using.

Does the status window look normal?
When the status window displays no errors, you might have provided the name of a valid display but not the display on which you are working. Because the display name you provided identifies an existing display, Blueworx Voice Response starts the processes in the tasklist.data file. You must shut down the running processes and restart the system. Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation contains instructions for shutting down running processes and correcting an incorrect display name.

For more information on display names, see Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation.