Resolving error_id 26001

If the Blueworx Voice Response errorlog file (in $OAM_LOG_PATH) shows repeated error_id 26001 every few seconds, with SMUX Info of "join_tcp_server failed: Connection refused", the AIX SNMP process is not running. This could be because the AIX SNMP agent is disabled or stopped.

Check if the AIX SNMP agent is running by running the command:
lssrc -a | grep snmpd

To resolve this problem, if the snmpd subsystem is disabled due to security concerns, and there is no plan to make snmpd active on this Blueworx Voice Response system, completing the following steps can prevent the repeated error_id 26001:

  1. Update the file in the $SYS_DIR (/usr/lpp/dirTalk/db/sys_dir) and remove the following line:
  2. Restart Blueworx Voice Response.