Application error: invalid function or subfunction

An application has issued a SendData action with a timeout greater than 0 (one that will cause a response from the server), and then closed the link to that server without waiting for the response. The link is closed either using CloseHostServerLink or CloseEverything. This happens because there is no corresponding ReceiveData action, or there is one but the application does not retry on a Timeout edge. The Timeout edge means that the ReceiveData has timed out, not that the server request has timed out. ReceiveData is retried until one of the following edges is returned: - Succeeded - No More Data - Data Not Found - Host Problem Host Problem occurs when the SendData timeout expires. If the server involved is a custom server, the error parameters give its name and process ID (PID). Note: This error can be reported from any action, so the State Table:Label and Action parameters are not relevant.

Ensure that all SendData actions with a timeout greater than 0 have a corresponding ReceiveData action that is always properly executed before the next SendData to that server and before the application terminates. If you don't want to receive a response from a SendData action, set the Timeout value to 0.