Trunk Enable Failed due to missing TDM Management

The trunk has failed to enable due to missing TDM Management. On DTTA Systems the TSLOT process manages TDM connections. Some of these are setup when the TSLOT process runs. Since TSLOT is not present it is possible these connections are incorrectly setup and there would be a risk of silent calls if the trunk were to be enabled. To protect system integrity the trunk will not be enabled.

Investigate the errorlog for reasons why TSLOT has failed. If you are using any TDM functions check your connection servers are running correctly. Try restarting $VAE/sw/bin/TSLOT and watching for any errors. If this works manually reenable all trunks. If this fails, restart Blueworx Voice Response. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact Blueworx support.




Log, System Monitor