SCBus problem detected by telephony adapter embedded software

The embedded software on the card continually monitors the status of the SCBus, and has detected a problem. The adapter was writing data to the SCBus. It read back the data, and compared what was read-back against what was written, to detect corruptions. Such corruptions were detected. This error is generated when the first SCBus problem is detected. The same check is made every 20ms. When the problem clears, error 17978 is raised. Possible causes of the problem are: - SCBus cable - Hardware in the card which detected this problem - Hardware of other SCBus-connected devices - Incorrect configuration of other SCBus-connected devices During the period between this error being reported, and when the error clears, voice data transmitted by this card over the SCBus may be corrupted.

Check that all devices on the SCBus are configured correctly. Try re-starting the system to check if the problem recurs. Run diagnostics on the card that reported the problem. Run diagnostics on all other SCBus-connected devices. If the problem persists, contact Blueworx Support for assistance.




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