Telephony adapter driver ran out of CCS receive mbufs

The Blueworx Voice Response device driver has two pools of memory buffers (mbufs) that are used to temporarily store CCS data when it arrives from the pack. This error indicates CCS data has arrived, but there are no mbufs in the required pool in which the data can be held. The CCS data is lost. Signalling transitions carried by the signalling link from the switch to the CCS signalling process will not be passed. This failure can be caused by the mbuf pool not being large enough to cope with the amount of CCS receive traffic on this trunk, the CCS signalling process not reading data from the device driver regularly enough (causing a build-up of used mbufs, and a drain on the mbuf pool), or the system running out of mbufs.

Make sure that the number of mbufs available on your system is adequate. Try increasing it to see if this problem persists. Make sure that the system parameter controlling the number of mbufs in the CCS receive mbuf pool is large enough. Try increasing it. If the problem persists, contact Blueworx Support for assistance.




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