Blueworx Voice Response failed to service adapter interrupt fast enough

Every 20 milliseconds the adapter: - Passes voice data to AIX using DMA, so it can be recorded. - Interrupts AIX so the data can be processed. - Copies voice data from AIX, using DMA, to transmit on the line. These operations must complete within a certain time, or the packs connected to this adapter will not have any data to transmit in this 20ms timeslot. This error indicates that one or all of these operations has taken longer than expected, and the pack cannot be supplied with voice data for a 20ms period or longer. Small amounts of inbound data are lost, when recovering from this error, resulting in break-up of recorded messages. Outbound data is not lost, but is stalled until it can be played to the caller. While the adapter recovers from this error, the pack cannot be supplied with more voice data, and it plays the previous 40ms loop of voice data until the problem has passed. So the outbound voice data can sound like stuttering or stammering to the caller.

Interrupts to AIX can be delayed if there are other devices in this system with higher interrupt priority. Check if removal of other devices solves the problem. DMA operations can be delayed if there is a lot of DMA activity caused by other adapters, or components on the motherboard which have a higher arbitration level than the adapter. This can often be solved by moving the adapter to a different slot, one that is on the primary bus for this machine type. To see which slots are primary and which are secondary, refer to the manuals for your machine.

It is also possible that software or firmware updates are required. The cause of the problem can be due to one or more of the following:
  • Check the firmware levels if you have a pSeries type 7028-6C4. Some versions can cause adapter interrupt problems. These were corrected in Firmware update 3R050405.
  • Check that the system is not running a program that locks out the hardware interrupts (such as pmcycles).

If the problem persists, contact Blueworx Support.




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