Pack failure reported by telephony adapter

Software running on the adapter has reported to the Blueworx Voice Response device driver that a pack has failed, or that the pack can no longer be accessed. The RTT_ERROR_IND primitive was sent by the adapter software to the Blueworx Voice Response device driver. The pack has failed and the Blueworx Voice Response device driver cannot communicate with the adapter pack device drivers. Causes of this can include: - A performance glitch in AIX, caused by a high-priority device holding interrupts longer than it should. - A pack whose clock drifts, possibly because the SCBus TDM cable is disconnected. - Loading on the adapter being too high. - Failure of the TDM clock management part of Blueworx Voice Response

The pack is automatically recycled. Check the error log for other errors; eliminate the reasons for those errors if possible. Check that when running, the adapter performance figures are not too high. (See the documentation for the DTmon tool for more information on how to do this). Check all white cables are connected securely, and that cables do not move. Check that the SCBus cable is securely connected to all adapters. Run diagnostics on the adapter Try removing other adapters on the system to see if their device drivers are responsible for a performance glitch. If the problem persists, contact Blueworx Support.




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