Signal detected but could not establish call

An incoming call was not answered by the application in time. The time given to answer an incoming call is defined by the No Answer Warning system parameter. This can be due to the No Answer Warning parameter being too short, an application error, a very heavily loaded system, or an error in the signalling software.

If this error occurs frequently, check that the No Answer Warning system parameter is set to a reasonable value, such as 2 to 4 ring periods. Check that the application answers a call as soon as possible after it is started up. If there are any actions that can take a long time before the answer call, such as open host server link, check that the timeouts are shorter than the No Answer Warning system parameter and that the application correctly handles cases where the actions time out. Check the CPU load on the system. If it is permanently heavily loaded, reduce the load by disabling some channels or trunks to see if this reduces the frequency that this problem occurs. If the problem persists, contact Blueworx Support. To kelp solve the problem, have the following available when you call: - Details of the switch and Blueworx Voice Response telephone setup - Details of the version of Blueworx Voice Response you are using, along with details of any PTFs that have been applied - A system-level trace of the problem - Details of the application being run, and an estimate of average and peak call volumes.




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