Glare on line

The switch and Blueworx Voice Response have both tried to seize a line at the same time. The frequency with which these errors are likely to occur depends on the protocol being used, and on the way in which the switch determines which line to call in on next. If a glare condition occurs, Blueworx Voice Response allows the incoming call to be processed. The outgoing call fails with the channel active and the application can try again. If the error occurs more than once in every 100 calls it may be due to incorrect configuration of the telephony protocol or telephony parameters, or an error in the signalling software.

If this error occurs frequently, check that the correct protocol has been selected on Blueworx Voice Response and the switch, and that the timing parameters for Blueworx Voice Response and the switch are compatible. If the problem persists, contact Blueworx Support. To help solve the problem, have the following available when you call: - Details of the switch and Blueworx Voice Response telephone setup - Details of the version of Blueworx Voice Response you are using, along with details of any PTFs that have been applied - A system-level trace of the problem




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