Pool_get() failed

This is a buffer pool problem caused by one of the following conditions: 1) There are not enough buffers in the buffer pool to handle current traffic load, 2) A system component that receives 4KB buffers is not processing or releasing them fast enough to keep up with the current traffic, or, 3) A system component is not releasing 4KB buffers when it is done with them. Many components allocate some of the 4KB buffers at system start-up. It is normal for the buffer pool to be partially empty. This condition causes the system to ignore incoming calls and can terminate an existing session.

This error can be caused by other error conditions in the system. Review the Blueworx Voice Response error logs and try to correct other problems first. If the problem persists after shutting down and restarting Blueworx Voice Response, and shutting down and restarting AIX, contact Blueworx Support.




Log, System Monitor