Database and file system integrity check failed

When Blueworx Voice Response starts, it checks to ensure that the AIX file system being used to store Blueworx Voice Response AIX voice elements matches the DB2 database being used to store data about those voice elements. On a standalone system a checksum is written to the file system and the DB2 database when "DTdatabase -r" is run following installation. On a single system image (SSI) cluster, this checksum is written when the database and voice servers are configured.

Check the following: * "DTdatabase -r" has been run after installing a new release or build. * If working in an SSI environment, this client has mounted all necessary remote file systems and is configured with the correct remote database. A typical reason for failure is a failed NFS mount or incorrect permissions. * All file systems can be read from and written to. If all the above are correct and the check still fails, shut down all client nodes using the same database and voice servers and run "/usr/lpp/dirTalk/tools/fsupdate" to create and write a new checksum to the file system and database. Then run "/usr/lpp/dirTalk/tools/fscheck" to ensure the check works correctly. Blueworx Voice Response can then be successfully started.




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