Invalid msg creation time detected

The system detected that a message's creation time was invalid. When using a remote database server in a SSI cluster, a time daemon should be used to maintain the same time on all machines, for example, the Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon. However, occasionally the times can become unsynchronized and the 5319 DBSM (database server) return code can be thrown.

To resolve the problem if using the NTP daemon (as the root user):

  1. Stop xntpd on the clients and on the database server by using the command: stopsrc -s xntpd
  2. Set the clock's time by calling the settimeofday subroutine by using the command: ntpdate -b
  3. Clear the contents from the /etc/ntp.drift file
  4. Restart the servers by using the command: startsrc -s xntpd

If the problem persists please contact Blueworx Support.




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