No resources are available for speech recognition

Speech recognition has been disabled because no free engines are available. This might be because they have been configured to be released when the call ends, rather than immediately after recognition.

Ensure that the system frees up each speech recognition engine immediately a speech recognition process ends rather than when the call ends. To do this:
  1. Stop the node with dtjstop
  2. Add the attribute Engine_Free=True to InitSessionString= in the default.cff configuration file
  3. Run dtjconf
  4. Start the node again with dtjstart.
If this does not work, check whether speech recognition resources are available on the base system:
  • Are there sufficient MRCP V1.0 or V2.0 speech recognition resources available?
  • Are the entries in VVTdefaults correctly configured?
  • Has the shared file system become corrupted?