This error has occurred for one of these reasons:
  • You have incorrectly specified the name of a VoiceXML document file in the path of an appname entry in the default.cff configuration file and an error has occurred during dtjstart
  • You have referred to a secondary VoiceXML document from an initial one using an incorrect filename. In this case dtjstart is successful, but the error occurs when the secondary document is called with the wrong filename.

To resolve this problem for a speech browser that runs automatically, stop the node with dtjstop, edit the filename in appname entry of the default.cff configuration file, run dtjconf and restart the node with dtjstart.

For a speech browser that you started manually with the vxml command, reissue the command with the correct VoiceXML document filename. This error can occur for an incorrectly referenced root document or an incorrectly referenced VoiceXML document.

For audio files that the system cannot locate, this error occurs if no text string alternative has been defined in the audio markup element in a VoiceXML document.