A problem occurred while a VXML document was loading. This might be because an incorrect host name was specified in param=URI in the default.cff configuration file, an incorrect URI was linked to in a VoiceXML document, or an invalid VoiceXML document was linked to.

The message usually contains additional information about the nature of the problem. Firstly, ensure that the URI link is correct, and that the file is a valid VXML document.

To resolve an incorrect configuration, for a VoiceXML document that you are running automatically:
  1. Stop the node with dtjstop
  2. Edit param=URI in the default.cff configuration file
  3. Run dtjconf
  4. Restart the node with dtjstart.
If you are running your VoiceXML document manually with the vxml command, reissue the command with the correct host name. You should also ensure that the referenced document is actually a .vxml file.

Note that the URI syntax given in the error message itself is not necessarily correct. For example, if default.cff correctly defines a document as: file:///C:\dtalk\iscac\main_menu.vxml but this document is invalid, the URI might be output in the error log as "file:/C:/dtalk/iscac/main_menu.vxml".