Failed to insert row into DB2

An error occurred creating a Blueworx Voice Response data object because a table insert operation failed. The most common cause of this failure, indicated by the SQL return code SQL0803N, is a duplicate object with the same primary key in the table. This is because some or all of your objects already exist in the Blueworx Voice Response Version 7 database. If you have already tried to migrate to Blueworx Voice Response Version 7 and the migration failed, you must ensure that the Version 7 database is reset, before running the migration process again.

If the SQL return code is SQL0803N, use the command DT database -r to reload the database with the default data supplied with Blueworx Voice Response before retrying the migration process. Otherwise, check Table 1 for a description of the Blueworx Voice Response Database return codes. If the return code is not listed, contact Blueworx Support.