Describing the system by using dtProblem

You can gather information about your system by using dtProblem. Blueworx Support can then use that information to debug the problems that you are experiencing.

It is best to use dtProblem immediately after the problem occurs. It gathers information about:

To run dtProblem, log on to the user ID from which you run Blueworx Voice Response.

Now type:

dtProblem outputdir

where outputdir is the directory into which you want to put the output file. (dtProblem usually needs less than 4 MB of space on the output directory.)

On the output directory is a file called dtProblem.tar.Z, ready for transmission to Blueworx Support. You can examine the file contents yourself. To unpack the file, and extract the resulting files into the directory dtProblem_dir, use the command:

zcat dtProblem.tar.Z | tar -xvf -