The operating system

The operating system must be AIX Version 7.1, Technology Level 00, Service Pack 00, or higher.

The output from the command oslevel -s should look like 7100-00-00-nnnn, where nnnn is a four-digit date code.

To check whether you have the required level installed, you can list the latest level of all filesets by typing the following command and pressing Enter:
 lslpp -L "bos.*" | more 
At least the bos.rte fileset must be at the required level.

If you do not have the required level of AIX installed, you must upgrade the operating system before installing Blueworx Voice Response or any other LPPs you require. However, if you are migrating in-place from a previous release of Blueworx Voice Response or DirectTalk, do not install the new level of AIX until you have first saved your data (see Options for backing-up data prior to in-place migration for instructions on how to do this).