Migration Tools

This section describes the migration utilities provided. For detailed instructions on migration, see Software installation.

Migration tools

Migration tools are provided as two scripts:
  • saveMigrationData

    provided in PTF's for Blueworx Voice ResponseVersion 6.1 ( and Blueworx Voice ResponseVersion 4.2 (

    This script is run on the previous release of Blueworx Voice Response. It produces a tar file consisting of all the data required for migration. The script will not proceed is there is insufficient space available for this file on the selected file system. It will also terminate if the system is configured as an SSI client or server.

  • restoreMigrationData

    provided in Blueworx Voice ResponseVersion 7

    This script is run on Blueworx Voice ResponseVersion 7. It uses the tar file produced by saveMigrationData as input.