Upgrading to Blueworx Voice Response Version 7

Use this procedure when you are migrating Blueworx Voice Response from a previous release

Note: Before continuing, you must have installed DB2 as described in Starting installation of Blueworx Voice Response.

Use this procedure to migrate from Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1.

  1. Untar the BVR 7 install media supplied by Blueworx Support into a suitable directory: Type the following command and press Enter:
     tar -xvf BVR7_Gold.tar
  2. In the directory with the untar'ed media open smitty to perform install: type the following command and press Enter:
     smitty update_all
  3. In the INPUT device/directory for software field enter . (period) to indicate your current directory and press Enter.
  4. Review the output. It may contain information about changes that were made during the migration.

    If any filesets failed to install due to missing prerequisite AIX filesets, install the missing filesets from the AIX installation CDs or apply AIX PTFs to upgrade the filesets to the correct level. Repeat the Blueworx Voice Response installation.

  5. Press F10 to exit from SMIT.