Copying a configuration on to another Power System

When you have installed and configured Blueworx Voice Response on one Power System, you might want to copy the whole configuration on to other Power Systems. This is known as cloning. To clone a Blueworx Voice Response configuration, use the mksysb command to back up the data in the root volume group on the first system and then install it on the second system. The mksysb command is described in “Backing Up Your System” in the AIX Installation Guide.

After you have loaded the system image onto another Power System and changed the hostname, you need to run the fsupdate command. You also need to update the DB2 configuration file /home/dtdbbvr/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg to ensure that the hostname matches the target machine. The hostname is referenced as 0 hostname 0 within this file, where hostname matches the output from the AIX hostname command being run on the target machine.

However, you need to bear in mind that: