Changing existing AIX accounts for a new single system image

If you are creating a new single system image from Power Systems that already have Blueworx Voice Response installed, you do not need to create a new AIX account on all the nodes. In this case, you must change the existing accounts so that they are all the same.

You must ensure that the following are identical on every system:

The way you do this will depend on how your system is configured for products other than Blueworx Voice Response, but here is an example of how to change the numeric account identifier:

  1. Edit the file /etc/passwd and find the line that contains the numeric identifier. For example:

    In this line, the fields are separated by colons (:). In this example, the fields are:

    The user name
    Encrypted password
    Numeric identifier of the user
    Primary group
    Description of the user
    Name of the home directory
    The user's shell

    Change the numeric identifier (in this example it is 16001) to match that of the other nodes on the single system image.

  2. Change the ownership of all the files owned by this user ID.

    One way to change the ownership of files from user ID 16001 to 16000 is with this command:

    find / -user 16001 -fstype jfs -print | xargs -n50 chown 16000 
  3. If you were running any other applications from user 16001, you may have to make changes in those applications.

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