Application management

Application Monitor

Application Monitor is a standalone Java utility that lets you monitor the status of Java and VoiceXML applications that are running on multiple systems. From one central system you can see at a glance whether applications are handling calls or waiting for calls. You can download the Java and VoiceXML environment Application Monitor from and install and run it on any system that supports Java Version 1.3.

ASCII console

As with the system management functions above, you can use the text-based ASCII console to manage applications. This provides an alternative to the Applications menu on the Blueworx Voice Response user interface.

Command-line import and export utilities

The import and export functions that are available from the window-based user interfaces are also available from the AIX command line. Using the command-line import and export utilities, you can develop applications at a central location, then distribute them to remote locations, without leaving the central location. You can also import applications from a remote location, so that you can examine or debug them at a central location.

The command-line utilities make it easy to package applications in such a way that importing and exporting require minimum user intervention. You can write simple shell scripts with which remote users can easily import or export their own applications. All you need to do then is tell the users to type a single command on the AIX command line, instead of guiding them through a series of menus and buttons.