What is a 3270 server?

This section explains what a 3270 server is and what it does.

A 3270 server is a program or sequence of instructions that provides a bridge between Blueworx Voice Response and data that resides on a remote host computer.

If you have existing 3270 host applications that retrieve data needed by your Blueworx Voice Response applications, you can create a 3270 server to obtain this data.

Figure 1. Accessing data using a 3270 server
This picture shows where a 3270 server fits in your system. It links the caller through a Communication Server to an SNA link to your Data Communications Network.

Access to remote data means that your voice applications can use this data to perform a variety of tasks, such as:

A 3270 server must be invoked from a state table, which controls the dialog with the caller. Figure 1 shows where a 3270 server fits in your system.