Importing and exporting a 3270 server script

Use the procedures in this section to import a 3270 server script from a file in the AIX filesystem into Blueworx Voice Response or to export scripts from Blueworx Voice Response to a file.

You can create an ASCII file of script statements outside Blueworx Voice Response and import the file into a 3270 server script. When you import an ASCII file, the contents of the file are inserted into the 3270 server script, starting at the current cursor location.

If you import an existing Blueworx Voice Response script using a Blueworx Voice Response import file, the new information overwrites the existing script. Or, you can export Blueworx Voice Response scripts to a file in your AIX filesystem. If the file is not empty, the exported script overwrites the existing data.

When you import or export a script, make sure that you also import or export any “nested” scripts.

To import or export an entire 3270 server in Blueworx Voice Response archived (Export) format, including all scripts and screens defined for the server, use the procedure described in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Designing and Managing State Table Applications information.

Note that individual scripts and screens cannot be merged into an existing 3270 server. The entire server will be overwritten, such that only the scripts and screens in the import file will exist after the import.