Defining a 3270 server

Use the procedure in this section to define a 3270 server to Blueworx Voice Response:

  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications —> 3270 Servers
  2. Define a new server: To define a new 3270 server, click Server —> New. Blueworx Voice Response displays the 3270 Server window.
  3. Describe the server: Type a description of the 3270 server in the Server Description area.
  4. Select the allocation method: Choose an allocation method by selecting the pushbutton next to Session Allocation Method, then click one of:
    • First Available to allocate the first available host session to the server
    • By Phone Number (for CallPath Server users) to allocate to the caller the session associated with the specified phone numberDefine initial and refresh script names
  5. Type the names of the Initial Script and Refresh Script, if they exist or if you plan to create them. You can also return to this window later to specify their names.
  6. Set refresh interval : Adjust the default refresh interval value in the Refresh Interval (minutes) field by dragging the slider bar to the right. This specifies how often the refresh script is executed.
  7. Set screen timeout: Adjust the default timeout value in the Screen timeout (seconds) field by dragging the slider bar to the right. This specifies the number of seconds that can elapse after a CHECK_SCREEN statement before concluding that the specified screen was not accessed. The value can be reset for individual screens when they are captured.
  8. Save the server: Save the 3270 server, supplying a name for the 3270 server at the prompt.
    Note: To create a 3270 server for globally-defined scripts and screens that can be accessed by all 3270 servers in your Blueworx Voice Response system, specify a server with the name of system. When putting a string to a globally-defined screen, use the following notation:

    PUT_FIELD(system.screen.field, string_name).

  9. Close the 3270 Server window.

    In the 3270 Servers window, the new 3270 server name is listed under Servers.