Before you begin

When you have identified the 3270 host application that retrieves the information needed by your voice application, you are ready to create the 3270 server.

Before you start, make sure that your system administrator has configured your Blueworx Voice Response system to establish a host connection for 3270 terminal emulation. The following procedures assume that your system administrator has defined a 3270 session that allows the 3270 server to interact with the host computer. Initially, you need a 3270 session during development to capture the screens of the host application that the 3270 server needs. Later, you need a session during production when you run the 3270 server.

Note: You can use the Blueworx Voice Response virtual host support to execute and debug 3270 servers without a live host connection. For information see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Designing and Managing State Table Applications information.