How this information is organized

Introduction to VoiceXML provides an introduction to voice applications and VoiceXML.

Designing a Speech User Interface (SUI) presents user-interface guidelines for developing voice applications.

VoiceXML language introduces basic concepts and constructs of VoiceXML. For complete syntax, please refer to the VoiceXML 2.0 specification at

Hints, tips, and best practices contains hints and tips for structuring and coding your VoiceXML applications. It includes examples of the following: use of the VoiceXML <object> element to reference Java™ code; use of the <property> element's maxnbest name to obtain n-best results; and, use of a precompiled grammar.

You might want to refer to the following appendixes for language-specific information:

Trademarks contains trademark information.

Glossary defines key terminology used in this document.