Using the ASCII console panels

When you use the ASCII console, you have access to the same Blueworx Voice Response hardware, software, and files as you do when you use the graphical interface.

Like the Blueworx Voice Response windows, the ASCII console panels display information and list actions. The panels operate on the same principle as the windows: first select information, then select the action you want to perform on the information. The main difference between using the windows and using the panels is the way in which you select the information and the actions.

Selecting information and actions

Both windows and panels display information. The Blueworx Voice Response windows list each possible action as an entry on a menu or as a pushbutton. Each ASCII console panel displays a list of all the available actions. To select information, move the contents of the panel up and down, and display another panel to be used to process selected information. Each action is identified by a number.

To select an action, type its number in the selection field at the bottom of the panel and press Enter. To select an item of information, use the number assigned to it. If information is already selected, type the number assigned to the action you want to perform on it.

Refresh and return

Because the ASCII console is a remote connection, the screen display can sometimes become disarranged. For that reason, the panels include an action called Refresh, which is always action 1. The last action listed on a panel returns you to the previous panel. Return is always action 0.

When an action is unavailable

If an action is not currently available, it is displayed in square brackets.