The operations menu

This section gives an overview of the Operations menu. You can also start and stop servers dynamically.

System monitor
Click this option for a real-time graphical display of:
  • CPU usage
  • Buffer pool usage
  • Hard disk usage
  • Alarm conditions
  • Trunk and channel status
3270 session manager
You can check on the status of all 3270 sessions at a glance. You can also monitor the activity of an individual session. The information being passed back and forth is shown in real time. You can see the sequence in which the server is manipulating screens, and which fields the server is using on each screen. You can dynamically allocate sessions to 3270 servers, remove stalled sessions from service, and stop stalled 3270 servers - all without stopping Blueworx Voice Response.
Custom server manager
You can monitor the status of your custom servers. Available information includes:
  • The AIX process ID (PID)
  • How often the custom server is used
  • How many telephone calls are accessing it
  • The last function that it executed
After you develop an application and start to use it, you will probably want to know how well it is working. Which options are used most often? At what point do callers usually feel satisfied and disconnect? How often does a caller ask to speak with an agent?

Blueworx Voice Response automatically collects information about each call. You can view the information online, or have Blueworx Voice Response generate and print reports automatically at preset intervals, or whenever you want them.

Immediate shutdown
This option closes each channel immediately without waiting for any calls to stop.

See Shutting down Blueworx Voice Response for more information.

Quiesce shutdown
This option shuts down the application more gracefully. Blueworx Voice Response monitors all channels and closes them separately as calls to each channel stop.

See Shutting down Blueworx Voice Response for more information.