Command-line import and export utilities

The import and export functions available from the window-based user interfaces are also available from the AIX command line. Using the command-line import and export utilities, you can develop applications at a central location and then distribute them to remote locations, without leaving the office. You can also import applications from a remote location, so that you can examine or debug them.

The command-line utilities are more convenient than the graphical interface if:

The command-line utilities are fully compatible with their window interface counterparts - an object exported via the window interface can be imported via the command-line utility.

The command-line utilities make it easy to package applications in such a way that importing and exporting require minimal user intervention. You can write simple shell scripts that remote users can use to import or export their own applications. Then, all the users need to do is type a single command on the AIX command line, rather than using a series of menus and buttons.