Collecting Java and VoiceXML environment specific information

If you have installed the Java and VoiceXML environment, you can gather information about the Java and VoiceXML environment in your system by using dtbeProblem. Blueworx Support can then use that information to debug the problems that you are experiencing.

If the problem can be easily re-created, collect a trace. To do this:

  1. Stop the Java and VoiceXML environment environment by running the dtjstop command followed by the dtjshost -exit command.
  2. Stop the trcserv process by running the trcserv -k command.
  3. Create or edit the file /var/dirTalk/DTBE/native/aix/trcserv.ini and add the following line:
  4. Edit /var/dirTalk/DTBE/dtj.ini, and add the line trace.option=9
  5. Restart the Java and VoiceXML environment environment by running the command dtjshost followed by the dtjstart command. Trace is generated in files:
  6. Recreate the problem. The trace files are collected in dtbeProblem, there is no need to send them to Blueworx separately. The trace.mode=3 line will force the trcserv process to output trace all of the time. So after capturing the problem you should revert to the original setting (or delete the file).

    If support have requested a combined Blueworx Voice Response and Java and VoiceXML environment trace you need to set trace.mode=5 in trcserv.ini to redirect the Java and VoiceXML environment trace to a Blueworx Voice Response AIX trace.

    If you do this, to capture the trace output you need to run a standard Blueworx Voice Response trace (by specifying, for example, trace -a -1 -L32000000 -T1000000). To format a Blueworx Voice Response trace with Java and VoiceXML environment trace included, run this command:
    print_trace | dtjtrcfmt > output file
  7. Send output file to Blueworx support.

To run dtbeProblem automatically when a specified error is logged to the VRBE log (.log) files or the Blueworx Voice Response trace (.trc) files, use the dtjlogmon script.

To collect dtbeProblem data:

  1. Logon as the Blueworx Voice Response userid (usually dtuser).
  2. Type dtbeProblem /tmp to collect the dtbeProblem data. The file /tmp/dtbeProblem… tar.Z is the output from dtbeProblem. Send /tmp/dtbeProblem… tar.Z file to Blueworx support.