Starting the ISDN_Monitor

To start the ISDN_Monitor, you must either be in the $VAEBIN directory, or have your path set up to include this directory.

The ISDN_Monitor must be started after the ISDN trunk is enabled because it sends a message to the active Layer 2 process telling it to start sending trace message events. Layer 2 is active and running when the Disable and Channels In Service buttons are enabled on the Pack.

To start the ISDN_Monitor from an AIX window command line, type the following:

ISDN_MONITOR trunk_number

where trunk_number is the number of the trunk.

ISDN Layer 2 and 3 events are written to stdout so that they can be monitored.

You can run more than one ISDN_Monitor on the ISDN trunks, but it is better to run only one at a time because the large amount of information displayed on the screen can affect system performance.