Error occurs when logging onto Blueworx Voice Response GUI after running mksysb

After running mksysb to load an environment from another host and attempting to log on to the Blueworx Voice Response GUI, using the admin user ID and password, the following error message is displayed:
Database server unavailable.
Access to database including HELP system is not possible at this time.
After loading mksysb from another host, the user was prompted with information about the hostname change. The user selected the option n from the fsupdate prompt, but no further action was taken to correct the extra hostname in the database. Detailed messages can be found in the DTstatus.out file (in /home/dirTalk/current_dir/oamlog/DTstatus.out). However, the messages are not visible from the status window as it has rolled over:
<DTstatus.out info>
ssistatus: new hostname is a Standalone system ssistatus 137:
ERROR Extra standalone hosts are defined in DB2 -
old hostname
1 record(s) selected.
ssistatus 154: ERROR Extra hosts cause unpredicatable results
ssistatus 155: ERROR Shutdown WebSphere Voice Response and run fsupdate
fscheck 188: Filesystem check ok
</end of message in DTstatus.out>

In the errorlog file, error_id 5312 is logged several times.

To correct this problem:

  1. Shutdown Blueworx Voice Response using the DT_shutdown command.
  2. Run fsupdate and select Press enter and they will be deleted now.