License Enrollment errors during Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1 migration

When the administrator attempts to enroll the Blueworx Voice Response 6.1 licenses, the License User Management (LUM) tool i4blt returns one of the following errors:

The cause of the problem is that Blueworx Voice Response 4.2 has the pre-requisite License User Management (LUM) of (ifor_ls.base.cli During the Blueworx Voice Response migration to 6.1, a newer version of LUM (ifor_ls.base.cli is required. The previous LUM database or setup may not be converted completely correctly.

To resolve the problem, complete the following steps to remove the existing LUM database before performing a clean setup for Blueworx Voice Response using LUM:
  1. Stop the LUM process by running the following command:
    i4cfg -stop
  2. Remove LUM database files by running the following commands:
    cd /usr/opt/ifor/ls/conf
    rm *.dat
    rm *.log
    rm *.idx
The System Administrator can now follow the instructions in Configuring your system for License Use Management .