Screen is blank or frozen while Blueworx Voice Response is running

If the screen goes blank or freezes (that is, moving the mouse has no effect on the pointer), check the following:

Is the display still connected correctly?
If the cabling that connects the display you are using to the pSeries computer (or the Xstation cabling) becomes loose, the display cannot function correctly. Ensure that the display is firmly connected.
Is Xwindows still running? Are all the Blueworx Voice Response processes running?
If the system has used all the available memory, AIX might stop the window manager process (or another process) to allocate memory elsewhere. Use the information provided in Blueworx Voice Response does not shut down, to stop all the Blueworx Voice Response processes and recycle it (shut it down and restart it). If this action solves the problem, you might consider adding more memory to your system.