Blueworx Voice Response does not accept data from the caller's keypad

When a voice application does not accept the data that a caller keys in, check the following:

Is the caller pressing the pound key (#)?
If the caller has to enter a string of digits, check whether the GetData action requires the # key to be pressed at the end of the string. Use the State Tables option on the Development menu to ensure that the GetData action is properly defined. If the caller must press the # key, it helps if the preceding prompt makes this clear.

For more information see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables information.

Is the caller's telephone system producing tones of the correct frequency and duration?
Some telephone systems produce non-standard tones that are not within the tolerance levels of Blueworx Voice Response. When someone calls from such a telephone, Blueworx Voice Response cannot hear the data being sent. If customers call to complain that they cannot use the voice applications, find out what telephone company handles their service. You might then need to get information from the telephone company to ensure that the equipment produces tones according to the required standards.