Custom server does not start

When an OpenHostServerLink action fails to start the specified custom server, check the following:

Does the state table correctly specify the custom server name?
Use the State Tables option on the Development menu to open the state table that calls the custom server and ensure that the name of the custom server specified in the OpenHostServerLink action is correct.

For information about OpenHostServerLink, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables information.

Has the custom server been started?
Applications cannot access a custom server until the server is loaded into memory. If the system has been recycled since the last time the server was used, for example, the server might no longer be in memory. Use the Custom Server Manager option on the Operations menu to start the custom server.
Are enough free buffers available in the buffer pool?
Check the error log for error 12005 and parameter text “Pool Buffer Threshold Exceeded”. This means that there are insufficient free buffers available in the buffer pool for Blueworx Voice Response to allow use of the custom server to proceed. Use DTmon to determine the usage of the buffer pool and refer to Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System for information on how to size the buffer pool.

The DTmon command is described in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System.

If the custom server accesses data on another host computer, is the host available?
Check the user function that sets up the links to the host computer, and ensure that the code correctly specifies the communication path to an active host.

For information about the communication protocols supported by the pSeries computer, refer to the “Networks and communication” section of the IBM AIX Version 6.1 information.