SendData or ReceiveData action does not provide expected results

When SendData or ReceiveData do not run as expected, check the following:

Do the SendData and ReceiveData actions specify the same server?
The server that is specified in the SendData definition must match the server specified in the following ReceiveData definition. Use the information provided in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables information, to open the action definition windows and check the server specification. This information also contains details about defining SendData and ReceiveData actions.
Are the SendData and ReceiveData actions alternated?
Blueworx Voice Response allocates a single buffer for the data transmitted by each server that uses the SendData and ReceiveData actions. Therefore, you cannot run multiple SendData actions without the alternating ReceiveData actions. Check the state table to make sure that these actions alternate.
Have you allowed enough time for the data to be accessed by the server?
If the number of seconds that is specified for the Host Response Time Limit in the SendData definition is lower than the time required for the server application to run, ReceiveData returns a “Host Problem” result. The value specified in the ReceiveDataTimeout parameter is the length of time, in seconds, that ReceiveData will wait for data. Check that the value specified is high enough to allow the host enough time to respond.

If the number of seconds specified for the Timeout in the ReceiveData definition is not long enough for the host to respond to the request for information, ReceiveData does not receive the required information. Increase the Timeout value, if necessary.

Are your 3270 server scripts correctly defined?
SendData or ReceiveData can fail if the 3270 server that is used to transmit data contains inconsistencies in screen and field definitions. Ensure that the screen and field definitions for the 3270 server scripts are correct and consistent in name, length, and attributes.

For information about defining 3270 server screens and fields, refer to the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables information.