No SNMP traps are being sent

When Blueworx Voice Response is part of a network, it can send either all alarms or only the most serious messages to an SNMP compliant manager, for example NetView for AIX. Alarms are listed in Appendix B; the most serious are those marked as alertable. By using Blueworx Voice Response’s own SNMP sub-agent, you can send traps to an SNMP-compliant manager.

If some, but not all, messages are being received at the management station check the following:

Is Blueworx Voice Response configured to make alarms alertable?
To send all alarms, not only the serious ones, set the system parameter Alarms - Make All Alertable in the Application Server Interface group to “Yes”. Also, you can change individual alarm messages to be alertable or not, as described in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System.

When using the Blueworx Voice Response sub-agent

Is the Blueworx Voice Response SNMP sub-agent configured correctly?
For the Blueworx Voice Response sub-agent to send traps with Blueworx Voice Response alarms to NetView for AIX, it must be running and configured to send traps and not to use trap-directed polling. In addition, the AIX SNMP daemon, snmpd, must be configured to send traps to the NetView for AIX system. For more information, see Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System .
Is NetView for AIX configured correctly?
For NetView for AIX to recognize and forward traps from Blueworx Voice Response alarm messages, it must be configured to do so. In Event Configuration in NetView for AIX, the enterprise specific trap “1000001” (decimal) must be configured for enterprise “directTalk6000”. In addition, NetView for AIX must be configured to start its daemons that interface to AIX NetView Service Point. For more information, see the NetView Entry for AIX: User's Guide.