Copying the error log to tape or diskette

Sometimes you need to copy the error log to tape or diskette. For example, the Blueworx support representative might ask for a copy of the file to help determine the cause of a problem.

To copy the error log, use the AIX tar command. You need the name of the device (tape drive or diskette drive) to which the file will be written.

If the error log file is very large, or if there are many error log files, you should compress the files (by using the AIX compress command) if you are going to save them on a low density medium such as a diskette.

  1. Logging on: If no AIX window is open, open one by selecting an area on the screen background and clicking AIX Login.
  2. Log onto the Blueworx Voice Response AIX account (usually dtuser).

    The system displays the User Login menu.

  3. Type 2 and press Enter.

    The system displays the system prompt - usually a dollar sign ($).

  4. Changing to the correct directory: Type the following command and press Enter:
    cd $OAM_LOG_PATH
  5. To check on the correct name of the file, type ls err* and press Enter.

    The system lists the error logs that are in the directory. The current file is called errorlog. The history files have a date appended to the file name.

  6. Copying the file: Type the following command, replacing the xxx with the device name and the ######## with the name of the error log file that you want to copy.
    tar -cvf/dev/xxx ########

    The system copies the file to the tape or diskette that is loaded in the device specified by the command.